Website Flipping – A Simple Nine Step Plan to Flipping Websites

How to flip websites that generates cash>>>Click here<< a website and domain name marketplace where you can buy and sell websites and domain names. Below is a basic plan to get started flipping websites or just website flipping:

1. Learn to value domains and websites.
2. Join Webmaster Forums and become active.
3. Join Website Marketplace Websites to watch auctions. Learn what make a good and successful auction.
4. Buy a website, then sell that website for more than you bought it.

(Optional) Ongoing Education — You can contract these services out, and don't have to learn everything before you start.

5. Learn to move a website from server to server.
6. Learn Keyword Research and SEO
7. Learn Pay Per Click Advertising.
8. Learn Web Design.
9. Learn PHP.

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